The Sustainable 3D Printing Pledge

This is just the beginning.

Taking the Sustainable 3D Printing Pledge represents your commitment to facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship between 3D printing, starting with you as an individual, and our planet. Our work does not end when we sign our names, or even when achieve what we pledged to do—in fact, it’s just begun.

When you’ve learned how you can make your 3D printing operation more sustainable and you’re ready to commit to an actionable plan that achieves that goal, take the pledge below. In your own words, describe at least 5 specific actions you will take, starting from the list on our ‘Sustainable 3D Printing’ home page, in order to improve the sustainability of your 3D printing. Be ready to fulfill your commitment. At the end, sign your name and submit your pledge. We’ll send a thank you message with a model you can print and display proudly to show your commitment to sustainable 3D printing.

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