Closing the Gap

At PlasticPasta 3D, we aim to close the knowledge gap between hobbyist 3D printers and makers and the information they need to make their 3D printing operations more sustainable.

Research into the sustainability of Additive Manufacturing in an industrial setting fails to address the questions and needs of consumer 3D printers. This research, of course, is hugely important, but its findings must be translated into a language useable by the average maker.

We at PlasticPasta 3D hope to provide that translation by analyzing sustainability trends and best practices in the Additive Manufacturing industry and adapting them for use by consumers. As the new field of sustainable Additive Manufacturing evolves, we’ll keep makers and hobbyists up to date with the latest information, tools, and guidelines that will help optimize the sustainability of their 3D printing operations.

In some ways, 3D printing purely for hobby can never be perfectly sustainable: by nature, it involves unnecessary energy and plastic consumption, especially for non-functional prints. When designing creatively with functionality and minimally consumptive practices in mind, though, we believe that makers and hobbyist 3D printers can reduce the environmental impact of consumerist tendencies, develop independence from corporations that pollute and consume with impunity, and find a balance between enjoyment of the ideation, design, and manufacturing process and a commitment to sustainability.

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Let’s be honest:

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If you feel inclined and have the means to donate a few dollars to us to support our mission of helping makers develop sustainable 3D Printing practices, then we extend our greatest thanks to you.

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