Hello, World

Welcome to our new website! Our goal in creating PlasticPasta 3D is to inform and empower makers so that they can 3D print with sustainability and functionality in mind.

These are some of the ways in which we hope to accomplish this goal:

  • Explore the 3D printing industry’s supply chain and historical commitment to sustainability.
  • Enumerate the ways in which personal and global 3D printing operations can be made more sustainable.
  • Provide resources, tools, and guidelines that transform makers’ understanding of sustainability and 3D printing into action.

As you navigate the worlds of 3D printing and sustainability, the most important thing that you can do is to be mindful: evaluate the costs and benefits of your projects and operations; consider how you can make your 3D printing more sustainable and effective; commit especially to the difficult, high-leverage changes that will make both you and the Earth happier. The accessibility of 3D printing to the average maker transfers to us not only the agency to create and produce rather than outsourcing to corporations, but also the responsibility of ensuring that we take care of our home planet.

Take a minute to explore our website, and please consider making a small donation (on the ‘Mission’ page) to help us keep doing what we love.

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